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GOAL: People with disabilities have the right to freedom from discrimination in: Hiring; provision of reasonable accommodation; advancement: or termination in competitive, supported, or sheltered employment. People with disabilities have the right to assistance resolving problems arising from programs or services funded under the Rehabilitation Act.

* Current priorities are
Outcome A. Freedom from Abuse and Neglect:
People with disabilities do not experience abuse or neglect in the workplace.
Rights Violations Addressed:
  • Abuse in the workplace
  • Neglect in Vocational Rehabilitation programming
Outcome B. Accessible Communities
Workplaces are accessible to people with disabilities.
Rights Violations Addressed:
  • Inaccessible workplaces
Outcome C. Independence, Productivity, Integration and Inclusion
People with disabilities receive training and are accommodated in hiring, employment and advancement.
Rights Violations Addressed:
  • Problems with Vocational Rehabilitation services
  • Discrimination in hiring or discharge
  • Failure to provide reasonable accommodation
  • Failure to provide advancement opportunities
  • Failure to provide opportunities to return to gainful employment
  • Failure to provide unemployment benefits
Outcome D. Self Determination
People with disabilities make choices about their vocational training goals.
Rights Violations Addressed:
  • Failure to provide choices in vocational training goals
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U.S.D.O.L Office of Disability Employment Policy

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Hawaii Civil Rights Commission
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