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GOAL: People with disabilities have the right to form and maintain relationships; to reproduce; to nurture and raise their children.

* Current priorities are
Outcome A. Freedom from Abuse and Neglect:
People with disabilities are not subject to involuntary sterilization.
Rights Violations Addressed:
  • Involuntary sterilization
Outcome B. Accessible Communities
Rights Violations Addressed:
  • None
Outcome C. Independence, Productivity, Integration and Inclusion
People with disabilities enjoy freedom of movement and choice of activities.
Rights Violations Addressed:
  • Failure to provide for freedom of movement, choice of activities.
Outcome D. Self Determination
People with disabilities can form relationships, marry, produce and parent children.
Rights Violations Addressed: Failure to provide:
  • Denial of reproductive rights
  • Denial of parenting rights
  • Denial of rights to form and/or end personal relationships
Questions about Freedom of Association? Ask the Advocate!


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