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GOAL: People with disabilities have a right to accessible public facilities; to move about freely; to vote; to serve on juries; to enter into contracts; to own and dispose of property; and to become naturalized citizens.

* Current priorities are
Outcome A. Freedom from Abuse and Neglect:
Rights Violations Addressed:
  • None
Outcome B. Accessible Communities
Public facilities are accessible to people with disabilities.
Rights Violations Addressed:
  • Inaccessible public facilities
Outcome C. Independence, Productivity, Integration and Inclusion
People with disabilities are able to vote

, to serve on juries, and to become naturalized citizens. 
Rights Violations Addressed:
  • Denial to jury service
  • Denial of naturalized citizenship
  • Denial to register and vote
  • Outcome D. Self Determination
    People with disabilities are able to own property; to enter into contracts; to make wills; and to travel freely.
    Rights Violations Addressed:
    • Denial to enter into contracts or to own property
    • Denial of will
    • Denial of travel, free movement
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