People with disabilities have the right to freedom from discrimination in:

Being employed, provided reasonable accommodation in training for a job or in the workplace, the opportunity for career advancement, termination of supported or sheltered employment for placement in competitive, integrated employment at fair wages.

People with disabilities have the right to assistance to resolve problems or issues arising from programs or services funded under the Rehabilitation Act.

Accessible Communities

Workplaces are accessible to people with disabilities.

Rights Violations Addressed:

• Inaccessible workplaces, vocational training sites

Independence, Productivity, Integration and Inclusion

People with disabilities receive training and are accommodated in hiring, employment and advancement

Rights Violations Addressed:

• Problems with Vocational Rehabilitation services
• Discrimination in hiring or discharge
• Failure to provide reasonable accommodation
• Failure to provide advancement opportunities in/to competitive employment
• Failure to provide opportunities to attain or return to gainful employment
• Failure to provide employment benefits (unemployment, TDI, etc.)
• Failure to provide AT in employment/vocational training, workplace
• Failure to provide adequate benefit planning for SSI beneficiaries

Self Determination

People with disabilities make choices about their vocational training goals.

Rights Violations Addressed:

• Failure to provide choices in vocational training goals