Information & Referral


Information and Referral (more commonly known as “I&R”) is when HDRC staff provides brief oral or written information to the public, in person, by mail, email or by telephone.

For example, it may be generic information about HDRC, or other community programs or resources external to HDRC, but relate to the individual’s service needs. It could also be information related to statutory or constitutional rights of a person with a disability.

I&R is generally of short duration, typically ranging from a few minutes to an hour and does not involve direct advocacy intervention by staff, or any type of follow-up.

To the extent possible, intake staff will:

  • determine the problem or issue for which the person is seeking assistance;
  • determine the nature of the assistance being requested and/or needed;
  • explain how HDRC will conduct a review of the case, or why HDRC is not able to provide the service requested, and provide the requester with the name, address and phone numbers of other agencies or persons that may be able to provide assistance.