The Hawaii Disability Rights Center (HDRC) is Hawaii’s Protection and Advocacy (P&A) System.  It is the policy of HDRC to develop annual Client Service Priorities.  These are the issues that are given preference in our application, screening and selection process.

HDRC recognizes that:

  • The concerns of P&A System constituents are critical to the development of its priorities;
  • Federal statutes and regulations allow wide latitude in the development of the P&A System’s priorities; and
  • Resources of the System are limited;

HDRC client services priorities should be:

  • Compatible with HDRC’s mission and values
  • Compatible with HDRC’s client eligibility requirements
  • Compatible with HDRC’s areas of expertise
  • Consistent with HDRC’s funding requirements
  • Of probable significant individual and/or systemic impact for people with disabilities
  • Feasible – cost is within HDRC’s resources
  • Unmet by other organizations

It is the policy of HDRC, as required in our federal mandates, to conduct an annual 60-day public comment period in July and August, to solicit comments and recommendations from our constituency and from the community on those issues which should be client service priorities for the Center.