People with disabilities have the right to freedom from discrimination in obtaining and maintaining housing; to keep companion/service animals in their homes.

Freedom from Abuse and Neglect:
People with disabilities are not abused or neglected in their homes.

Rights Violations Addressed:
• Unlawful eviction
• Other abuse in housing

Accessible Communities
People with disabilities have accessible homes.

Rights Violations Addressed:
• Inaccessible housing

Independence, Productivity, Integration and Inclusion
People with disabilities live in the community and keep service or companion animals at home.

Rights Violations Addressed:
• Ineligibility for housing based on disability
• Zoning / NIMBY discrimination against disability
• Denial of service/ESA animal at home
• Architectural barriers, landlord/tenant modifications
• Subsidized housing/Section 8 issues
• Rental denials, Lease reviews, terminations

Self Determination
People with disabilities own homes and have choice, make decisions about their housing.

Rights Violations Addressed:
• Denial of home ownership